Career Ladder Reviews
for Product & Engineering Organizations

Inquire about hiring Deepa and Lara to review your career ladders
and provide recommendations to make them more clear, useful, and inclusive.

Career Ladder Reviews

Thematic Review

We provide thematic feedback about:

  • Potentially confusing or ambiguous language
    "These two levels use the same language around accountability; add more color to the senior level to distinguish how you expect them to be accountable for a larger surface area, or taking higher risks."
  • Missing performance criteria
    “Company value ABC is not mentioned in the ladders; include some examples of what it looks like to embody this value at this level.”
    “It’s unclear which role in your org is responsible for scoping and scheduling a team’s work.”
  • What aspects are great as-is, and need no changes
    “It’s clear throughout the levels that mature and routine feedback for peers is valued at your organization.”

We will deliver a report of this feedback and present it to senior leadership, including references to where on the ladder we see examples of these themes.

In-Depth Review

In addition to the thematic observations and suggestions, we suggest more granular changes. With a fine-toothed comb, we look for:

  • Duplicate language throughout levels, which creates confusion about what it takes to get to the next level
  • Language that has a risk of bringing up unconscious biases, being ambiguous, or being misunderstood
  • Language that could be treated like "a thing to check off a list to get promoted"
  • Language that's more about traits of a human than someone's behavior ("smart", "detail-oriented" versus "consistently makes smart decisions in pursuit of their team's OKRs" or "produces thorough deliverables with strong attention to detail")

We will deliver thematic feedback report and a marked-up ladder that incorporates our wordsmithing suggestions, and present these to senior leadership. Often we’ll highlight a phrase and include multiple suggestions for improvements in a sidebar, so leadership can choose what works best for them.


Lara partnered with our HR department to produce the first-ever career rubric for Meetup. As a mission-driven company, it was important to weave our company values into the rubric, and Lara helped us create a document that's inclusive, intuitive, and actionable for managers and individual contributors alike.

Yvette Pasqua, Chief Technology Officer, Meetup