Demystifying Management Workshop

As a manager, you may find yourself floating in a sea of uncertainty.

  • What does success look like?
  • How do you know if you’re doing a good job or not, with such a long feedback loop between your actions and their outcome?
  • How do you set the right tone and expectations for your team?

In this workshop by Wherewithall, led by Lara Hogan, you will learn how to answer those questions and successfully navigate these uncertain waters. We’ll focus on:

  • Coaching, mentoring and sponsoring, and when to use each as a manager
  • Navigating your team through uncertainty and surprising emotions
  • Growing your teammates through specific, actionable feedback
  • Balancing being empowering and being directive as a leader

We’ll talk tactics to best-support your team, articulate what you uniquely bring to your role as a manager, and practice a ton of leadership skills.

You’ll participate in group exercises that will help you put this knowledge into practice in a safe and engaging environment.

You’ll leave with new perspectives on management, as well as worksheets and plenty of resources to help you continue to grow and further develop these skills in your day-to-day work.

This course can be scheduled as a one-day in-person workshop, or a series of remote workshops using Zoom.

Duration: The in-person workshop is one full day (7 hours with breaks). The remote course consists of a series of 2-hour workshops.
Max Attendees: 40 in-person; 12 if remote

Upcoming Events

Setting Expectations as a Manager Workshop
July 9, 2020
Interactive Online Workshop Tickets

Demystifying Management Full-Day Workshop
October 6, 2020 in San Francisco, CA
at The Lead Developer Conference Tickets

Demystifying Management Full-Day Workshop
October 9, 2020 in San Francisco, CA
at The Lead Developer Conference Tickets

Example Workshop Takeaways

Improved Feedback Delivery Skills

Feedback is a critical part of our work in setting expectations, adjusting teammates' behaviors, and helping our teams get to the next level. But we rarely get feedback on our feedback-giving skills!

During the workshop, participants learn a framework for developing specific, actionable feedback that has a greater chance of being heard by the recipient. They'll receive coaching to hone a piece of real-life feedback, and will have an opportunity to practice delivering this feedback to help them more successfully deliver it after the workshop.

Balanced 1:1 Game Plan

In one-on-one meetings, managers and direct reports want to gain shared context, build trust, plan out and support career growth, and solve problems together. But lots of folks walk into these meetings with no game plan to achieve all four things.

In this workshop, we practice mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring as a manager. Participants will walk away with a tool to help them game plan their upcoming one-on-ones, balancing these three skills to achieve all of their one-on-one goals.

Manager Voltron

Many folks need a little inspiration to build out a stronger, broader network of support as they grow and develop their management skills. In this workshop, we introduce the idea of a "Manager Voltron"—a crew of people whom you can lean on to support you as one big, multifaceted manager. Attendees get homework to brainstorm people who could fill each box of a Manager Voltron bingo card, and avenues to start having those conversations.


Wherewithall’s approach to training is practical and engaging. Lara layered real life experience with simple frameworks, and they made it easy for the team to understand and immediately apply to their day-to-day. She understood my team’s unique needs and adjusted the workshop content to focus on those areas.

Dana Trader, VP, Employee Experience at Meetup

Taking Wherewithall’s workshop gave me a foundation for how to think like a manager. They teach a great set of mental models and concepts that I now use daily. Concepts like sponsoring, setting expectations, or understanding a person’s emotional state seems obvious, but as managers we rarely ever think about them. Lara’s workshop did a great job of highlighting these aspects of people management, explaining their relevance, and giving me the tools to support and address them in my daily work to get the best out of reports.

Arjan Singh, Engineering Manager at Dollar Shave Club

This workshop was critical to my development as a leader. Lara challenged the group in an approachable way, leaving us with the tools and knowledge to transform into the managers we hope to be. This training was not only beneficial for my professional future, but also my personal growth as well.

Olivia Rogine, Community and Experiences Lead at Girls' Night In

Lara’s Demystifying Management workshop fundamentally changed how I manage and communicate. I put the skills I learned into practice immediately and have seen nothing but positive results.

Emily Freeman, Principal Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Workshop Feedback Forms

“Lara's workshop was the highlight of my professional year.”

“It is a people management essentials kit.”

“This was great & extremely helpful in making me a better manager.”

“Honestly, this workshop has been incredible. It shined a light on things that have felt intangible to me and gave me a great rubric to follow.”

“Every person I was grouped with took the exercises seriously, was vulnerable and open. It was really cool to see my coworkers in that way and is a testament to how great the workshop was.”

“I really enjoy the pace of the workshop as well as the breakout sessions. The concepts I learned are relatable to my job + can be used immediately!”