Coaching and Mentoring

When you refer your line managers, team leads, and directors for one-on-one coaching calls with Deepa or Lara, it does three things:

  • Line managers feel supported for the tough stuff when they need it most.
  • Senior managers feel less headaches and stress because they have a lever they can pull for extra support.
  • Your senior manager pipeline is strengthened. Spot coaching can be a key strategy towards increasing the speed and efficiency of filling future open senior manager spots, because we will be coaching line managers towards more senior leadership and management skill sets.

Deepa and Lara leverage their experience (and enjoyment!) coaching and supporting managers at various levels, stages of team growth, and challenges to help your leaders excel.


Deepa is a force multiplier on any product organization. She elevates and inspires the teams she leads to do the best work of their careers. She is one of the most innovative, passionate and effective product leaders I’ve ever worked with.

Matt Tucker, Chief Technology Officer, Paladin

"When I was facing a challenging situation with a direct report, Lara was the first person who came to mind to help me figure out how to navigate it. Talking with Lara helped me see where my instincts were on the right track, and also helped me frame my thinking in a way that made the situation seem manageable instead of perplexing."

Rebecca Murphey, Engineering Manager