Manager Roundtables

Roundtables are a safe space for a group of managers to meet and talk through recent dilemmas, workshop challenges they’re facing, and continuously strengthen their management skills.

Getting a small group of line managers together benefits each of them, not just the person who voices a challenge to talk through or role play that week. Participants can see the different ways others may approach a problem, or acquire new skills they see demonstrated like reflective listening, open questions, and putting guard rails on a difficult conversation.

Lara Hogan or her co-facilitator leads one-hour roundtables every other week for three months, with up to eight managers in each cohort. The participants can be all from the same department, but it's even more impactful when diverse parts of your organization are represented. As the facilitator, it’s our job to ensure the conversation is inclusive, productive, and valuable (and to model strong management skills).


Lara’s two outstanding qualities are her deep knowledge, understanding and experience of how to build “people first” organizations, and her vast repository of pragmatic and effective approaches to management situations.

Nassim Kammah, Engineering Manager, Etsy