Manager Roundtables

Invest in your bench of emerging leaders with Wherewithall-facilitated manager roundtables.

We will foster an internal peer network of support, balance the needs and voices of all participants, and challenge everyone to grow through this group coaching method.

How it works

What are Manager Roundtables?

Roundtables are a safe space for a group of managers to meet and talk through recent dilemmas, workshop challenges they’re facing, and continuously strengthen their management skills.

Participants can see the different ways others may approach a problem, and acquire new skills they see demonstrated like reflective listening, leveraging open questions, and holding a difficult conversation.

Leveling up your managers

Participants develop trust and new bonds with each other, learn new tactics and hear other people’s experiences, and get customized coaching on their particular challenge that week. Each week, we send out a roundup of resources mentioned (blog posts, books, tools, etc.) across all of the roundtables at your company.

This program includes unlimited email support by the facilitators for Roundtable participants, so they can get some extra help between roundtable sessions on their current management challenge.


A Wherewithall facilitator will host 1-hour roundtables every other week, with a maximum of 10 managers in each cohort. We conduct roundtables in-person in NYC, or remotely for teams in other locations.

The participants can be all from the same department, but it's even more impactful when diverse parts of your organization are represented. As the facilitator, it’s our job to ensure the conversation is inclusive, productive, and valuable (and to model strong management skills).

Participant Feedback Forms

“The roundtable helped me get to know a group of co-workers in a way I would not have been able to in any other context. Very helpful and reassuring space to be in.”

“Amazing. All managers of all levels should do this. It's often the therapy we all need for this line of work.”

“Setting aside an hour of non-screen time in one's day is not minor but this time was always worth it and I left feeling less stressed or concerned about problems than I was coming in.”

“Great opportunity for me to get to know managers around the building, great way for me to facilitate coaching skills and empathy, great way for me to bring stressful situations to the fore.”


Lara has been absolutely fantastic in helping grow our engineering leadership. She has done everything from facilitating roundtables, doing talks and running workshops. And every time she has done a great job customizing the work to fit our organization. Without exception, all of these efforts have been very successful.

Allan Beaufour, SVP, Engineering

Meet Our Facilitators

Photo of Lara Hogan

Lara Hogan

After more than a decade growing leaders as a VP of Engineering, Lara now specializes in supporting members of underrepresented groups.

She's been exactly where you are: she's hired, fired, provided really difficult feedback, changed team cultures, and questioned whether she could handle all that was on her plate. She understands where you’re coming from and she's eager to have your back.

Learn more about Lara
Photo of Lindsay Valente

Lindsay Valente

Lindsay has spent the last 10 years leading and building teams in the tech industry. As a former educator, she is passionate about developing individuals and teams, recognizing the unique qualities each person brings and the importance of continuous learning as they adapt to change.

With a strong management background, Lindsay serves a range of clients from emerging leaders to executives.

Learn more about Lindsay