Get to Know Wherewithall

Wherewithall is the fresh perspective you need, the support you can only give so much of, the skills that are too important for your teams to learn as they go. We’re here so you can get back to running your organization and making the major decisions at your company. So you can trust and believe in your managers.

Founded in 2018 by Lara Hogan and Deepa Subramaniam, Wherewithall’s team has deep roots in the tech industry. We’ve worked with established and emerging leaders, new teams, old teams, remote teams, teams of best friends and teams of folks butting heads. As managers and leaders ourselves, we deeply understand the skills and level of support required for success at every stage of the game.

We’re here to fold in to your current management practices as little or as much as you need. We offer facilitated roundtables, one-on-one coaching, and management training.

Our team is here to help yours reach its potential.

The Team

Photo of Lara Hogan

Lara Hogan

Formerly VP of Engineering at Kickstarter and Engineering Director at Etsy, Lara Hogan now supports line managers of all disciplines as they grow into leaders.

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Photo of Julie Schechter

Julie Schechter

In addition to her coaching background, Julie has been a founder, a CEO, and most recently was the Director of Coaching at a leading executive consulting practice in NYC.

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Photo of Paloma Medina

Paloma Medina

Paloma's obsession: The psychology and science of positive changes. Her current work focuses on the research and practice of equity and inclusion in the tech, design and start-up industries.

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Photo of Deepa Subramaniam

Deepa Subramaniam

Now Chief Product & Digital Officer at ACLU, Deepa Subramaniam has spent 15+ years leading product teams to collaboratively build innovative digital products with mass reach for all platforms.

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Photo of Cameron McCosh

Cameron McCosh

Cameron McCosh is a communications and marketing strategist. She runs a creative communications agency for anti-racist, mission-based businesses and organizations.

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Friends of Wherewithall

The Group Forward logo

The Group Forward

The Group Forward is a facilitation consulting firm with two super powers: 1) they design and run world class team staff retreats and leadership alignment sessions and 2) they train teams to be effective group facilitators.

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Business Casual logo

Business Casual

Business Casual helps organizations navigate the sticky, human parts of work like giving feedback, learning from tough situations and talking openly about things that are hard to say out loud.

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Erika Cartagena

Erika Cartagena

Erika Cartagena is a certified leadership development and executive coach, facilitator and OD/HR consultant. She works with leadership teams to create positive behavioral and systemic change and borrows from the fields of emotional intelligence and neuropsychotherapy.

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Lena Qiu

Lena Qiu

Lena Qiu is a career coach with an expertise in supporting women looking for more meaning and fulfillment in their careers. Her focus is helping professional women of color build intentional and successful careers that align with their values.

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