Management & Leadership Training

As trainers with decades of leadership experience in the tech industry, the team at Wherewithall level up managers and leaders with our hands-on workshops, in-person and remotely. We strengthen the foundation from which you lead your team.

For Individuals

Self-Paced Digital Courses

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the totally digital Demystifying Management Program!

You’ll be able to learn and practice the very same management and leadership skills we teach in our renowned workshops and trainings right from your computer and on your own schedule.

Videos, examples, practice exercises, and homework will all be at your fingertips and level you up in every way.

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Online Leadership Skill Workshops

Each 2-hour workshop consists of a mix of prepared presentation and group exercises, facilitated by a Wherewithall trainer (example workshop descriptions here).

Attendees will leave with a ton of resources and an opportunity to practice their new skills, so they can immediately put what they’ve learned to use.

We’ve conducted a tremendous amount of testing to ensure that our remote facilitation techniques deliver the same effective results as our in-person training.

We also have experience working with closed captioners for our online workshops. Please reach out if you've got additional accessibility needs; we are thrilled to support you in every way!

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Upcoming Events

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For Companies

Demystifying Management Program

In this comprehensive workshop program, attendees are equipped with the crucial skills they need to support their team. From giving feedback, to setting expectations, to growing their teammates, we've got you covered.

Attendees leave with new perspectives on management, as well as practice and plenty of resources to help them continue to grow and further develop these skills in their day-to-day work.

This is our most popular program for organizations across the globe! Bring us in quarterly to continually refresh your management layer.

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Coaching Practice Program

Coaching skills tend to be the most challenging for leaders to learn, but they're also the most useful when it comes to helping others grow, adapt, and succeed. This program gives leaders the training and practice they need to hone these crucial skills.

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Talks & Presentations

Does your company bring in speakers, or host a brown bag lunch series? If so, bring in Wherewithall to give a talk! Some of our popular talks: Navigating Team Friction, Facilitating Awesome Meetings, Mentorship + Sponsorship.

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For Employee Resource Groups

ERG Leadership Training Program

The skills covered in this four-week leadership training program will help members of ERGs as they tackle workplace challenges like managing up and across, navigating conflict, advocating for themselves and others, and being prepared to thrive amidst organizational growth.

We developed this remote-first leadership training program to intentionally support members of employee resource groups around the globe.

We deeply understand the skills and level of support required for success at every level of leadership, particularly for members of minoritized groups. Individual contributors and managers alike will be able to utilize the skills covered in this course.

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Wherewithall’s approach to training is practical and engaging. Lara layered real life experience with simple frameworks, and they made it easy for the team to understand and immediately apply to their day-to-day. She understood my team’s unique needs and adjusted the workshop content to focus on those areas.

Dana Trader, VP, Employee Experience at Meetup

Management & Leadership Skill Workshops

Delivering Feedback Workshop

We rely on feedback to feel understood, supported, and to identify areas for growth. How can you deliver feedback to others that is specific, actionable, and easy to digest? In this workshop, you'll get lots of practice. Perfect for performance review season.

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Setting Expectations with Your Team Workshop

It's critical to be transparent about what you expect of your teammates, and what they can expect of you. In this workshop, we talk about how to balance being empowering and being directive as a leader, and how to know when to switch up your approach.

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This workshop goes far beyond educating managers on approach; they shift the way managers think about themselves, their work and about the impact they can have on their team. Bringing Wherewithall in is hands-down the best thing my company has ever done for my capabilities and career and, in turn, the best thing that could have happened for my reports.

Meg Adams, Engineering Manager at Condé Nast

Meet Our Facilitators

Photo of Lara Hogan

Lara Hogan

Lara's been exactly where you are: she's hired, fired, gave hard feedback, changed team cultures, and questioned whether she could handle all that was on her plate. She understands where you’re coming from and she's eager to have your back.

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Photo of Paloma Medina

Paloma Medina

Paloma is a performance coach and trainer. She holds a Masters in Organizational Coaching from NYU, with a specialization in applied psychology and evidence-based performance improvement.

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