Manager Training & Workshops

As trainers with decades of management and leadership experience in the tech industry, the team at Wherewithall will level up your managers with a hands-on workshop. Attendees will leave with a ton of resources and practice using their new skills, which they can put to use right away.

We offer shorter standalone sessions, or full-day, full-breadth intensive trainings; both of which strengthen the foundation from which your managers will lead their teams.

Each workshop consists of a mix of prepared presentation, group exercises, and worksheets. These workshops can be scheduled as standalone training sessions, or together as a series for participants to complete over time.


Wherewithall’s approach to training is practical and engaging. Lara layered real life experience with simple frameworks, and they made it easy for the team to understand and immediately apply to their day-to-day. She understood my team’s unique needs and adjusted the workshop content to focus on those areas.

Dana Trader, VP, Employee Experience at Meetup

Manager Skills Workshops

Navigating Conflict Workshop

In Partnership with 11:11 at work

Aggression, conflict, disagreement - how can you become more effective navigating these moments? In this workshop, you will learn how to manage conflict and disagreement while ensuring everyone’s needs are met.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Max Attendees: 60

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Delivering Feedback Workshop

Feedback is a crucial part of our job. Teammates rely on it to feel understood, supported, and to identify areas for growth. How can you deliver feedback that is specific, actionable, and easy to digest? In this workshop we’ll get lots of practice. Perfect for performance review season.

Duration: 2 hours
Max Attendees: 40

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Mentoring, Coaching, and Sponsoring Workshop

We will define and practice mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring, and talk about how managers can choose between them as they help their teammates grow. You will walk away with a brand new game plan for one-on-ones.

Duration: 2 hours
Max Attendees: 40

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Setting Expectations with Your Team Workshop

One simple way to create predictability and stability for your team is to be transparent about what you expect of your teammates, and what they can expect of you. In this workshop, you’ll synthesize an easy-to-remember, unique-to-you leadership and management philosophy.

Duration: 2 hours
Max Attendees: 40

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Manager Skills Full-Day Training

Demystifying Management Full-Day Workshop

In this full-day, cross-functional workshop, as managers and leaders, you'll be equipped with the crucial skills you need to support your team and yourself. From giving feedback, to setting expectations, to growing teammates, we've got you covered.

You’ll leave with new perspectives on management, as well as worksheets and plenty of resources to help you continue to grow and further develop these skills in your day-to-day work.

This is our most popular workshop for organizations across the globe! Bring us in quarterly to continually refresh your management layer.

Duration: 7 hours, with breaks
Max Attendees: 40

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Company-wide talks and fireside chats

Talks & Presentations

Does your company bring in speakers, or host a brown bag lunch series? If so, bring in Wherewithall to give a talk! Some of our popular talks: Navigating Team Friction, Facilitating Awesome Meetings, Mentorship + Sponsorship.

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour, including time for Q&A

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Taking Wherewithall’s workshop gave me a foundation for how to think like a manager. They teach a great set of mental models and concepts that I now use daily. Concepts like sponsoring, setting expectations, or understanding a person’s emotional state seems obvious, but as managers we rarely ever think about them. Lara’s workshop did a great job of highlighting these aspects of people management, explaining their relevance, and giving me the tools to support and address them in my daily work to get the best out of reports.

Arjan Singh, Engineering Manager at Dollar Shave Club

Free Resources For Better Management

Holding Balanced One-on-Ones

After asking the first one-on-one questions, decide on an initial balance of mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring to use in your one-on-ones with each teammate. Use this worksheet to help you game plan each one-on-one! Everyone will need a different blend based on their stage of growth; revisit this blend as your teammate grows.

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Defrag your Calendar worksheet

You may find yourself working long hours to do hands-on “work-work” after full days of one-on-ones; orthat the labor of managing or more strategic thinking drains your energy significantly faster than the work you did as an individual contributor. Or you may find the context-switching between meetings super taxing. Or perhaps all of the above.

In Lara Hogan’s Manager Energy Drain blog post, she describes color-coding your calendar based on the kind of thinking you’re doing in each meeting, then “defragging” to help reduce context-switching and undo blocks of energy-draining meetings. Use this worksheet to help you defrag!

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Setting Expectations worksheet

One simple way to create predictability and stability for your team is to be transparent about what you expect of your teammates, and what they can expect of you.

Use this worksheet to brainstorm and collaborate with your teammates on team norms around feedback, supporting each other, communicating, and collaborating.

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This workshop goes far beyond educating managers on approach; they shift the way managers think about themselves, their work and about the impact they can have on their team. Bringing Wherewithall in is hands-down the best thing my company has ever done for my capabilities and career and, in turn, the best thing that could have happened for my reports.

Meg Adams, Engineering Manager at Condé Nast

Meet Our Facilitators

Photo of Lara Hogan

Lara Hogan

Lara's been exactly where you are: she's hired, fired, gave hard feedback, changed team cultures, and questioned whether she could handle all that was on her plate. She understands where you’re coming from and she's eager to have your back.

She’s passionate about supporting marginalized groups in tech. Check out her new book on being a resilient manager in the tech industry.

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Photo of Paloma Medina

Paloma Medina

Paloma is a performance coach and trainer. She holds a Masters in Organizational Coaching from NYU, with a specialization in applied psychology and evidence-based performance improvement.

She also owns 11:11 Supply, a store that specializes in beautiful work tools designed to help you feel more productive, happy and balanced in your everyday life.

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