Coaching Practice Program

As a leader, it’s important to balance your style between:

  • advice-giving mode (mentorship),
  • active listening and curiosity mode (coaching), and
  • empowering mode (sponsorship).

Coaching skills tend to be the most challenging for leaders to learn, but they’re also the most useful when it comes to helping their teammates grow, adapt, and succeed.

Our kickoff workshop equips attendees with coaching tools and frameworks, and the following three group coaching sessions (called “roundtables”) provide a safe space to practice and hone these crucial leadership skills.

Attendees receive coaching through current workplace challenges, strengthen their peer network, and practice these leadership skills in a safe environment. As facilitators, we give attendees feedback and ensure the conversations are inclusive, productive, and valuable.

Duration: 2-hour workshop the first week, followed by 1-hour group coaching sessions biweekly or monthly, 3 times.
Max Attendees: 12 participants.

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Wherewithall Workshop Feedback Forms

“Lara's workshop was the highlight of my professional year.”

“It is a people management essentials kit.”

“This was great & extremely helpful in making me a better manager.”

“Honestly, this workshop has been incredible. It shined a light on things that have felt intangible to me and gave me a great rubric to follow.”

“Every person I was grouped with took the exercises seriously, was vulnerable and open. It was really cool to see my coworkers in that way and is a testament to how great the workshop was.”

“I really enjoy the pace of the workshop as well as the practice sessions. The concepts I learned are relatable to my job + can be used immediately!”