Talks & Presentations

Does your company bring in speakers, or host a brown bag lunch series? If so, bring in Wherewithall to give a talk!

Organizations often bring us in to help level up an entire company by presenting a 30-40 minute talk, and then answering questions from all employees during open Q&A.

We’re eager to speak to your company about the power of mentorship and sponsorship, how to navigate team friction, and so much more. See some of our most popular talks below.

Occasionally, a company’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) is interested in meeting with their Wherewithall speaker in a closed-door fireside chat before the company-wide talk, to get their perspective and custom-tailored advice in an intimate setting. We offer a discounted rate for these fireside chats.

Duration: 45 minutes to 1 hour, including time for Q&A

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Popular Talks

What Humans Need at Work

Social scientists, anthropologists and neurologists have been studying the modern workplace, and found that there are six core needs that we need, beyond the needs for physical safety, food, shelter, etc.

In this talk, Lara Hogan walks through the tools you can use to leverage these core needs to enact positive change, gain alignment, and give feedback to each other. We'll also make sure that you have what you need to be successful at work.

Navigating Team Friction talk

Friction is a common, and necessary, part of team growth—but when left unchecked, team friction is unhealthy for you, your coworkers, your company, and ultimately your end users.

Lara Hogan draws on her experiences at organizations large and small to illuminate the sources of team tension, how you can better understand and manage unexpected teammate reactions, and the best ways to give actionable feedback without escalating drama. Your coworkers, your organization, your users, and you will reap the benefits.

Facilitating Awesome Meetings talk

From leading working groups to holding one-on-ones to organizing routine team meetings, learning how to facilitate is a critical leadership skill that’s often overlooked. Excellent meeting facilitation means that the attendees know why they’re there, they get equal participation time, and your meeting’s goal or deliverable is achieved in a effective and fair way.

Lara Hogan will cover tactics to ensure your meetings are productive and inclusive, as well as tips for improvising facilitation once you get in the room.

Mentorship + Sponsorship talk

To grow our technical leadership skills, it’s critical to lean on one’s network of support. We often find mentors: people who can give us helpful advice. But what can be even more valuable is finding “sponsors”, who help us find new opportunities and improve the visibility of our work. As sponsorship is especially important for members of minoritized groups in tech, Lara Hogan walks through tactics you can employ today to be a sponsor for those around you, too.