Navigating Conflict Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll demystify the difference between healthy vs unhealthy conflict and provide tools for navigating either kind. Employees will walk away with:

  • The two tactics that set apart ordinary conflict negotiators from brilliant and effective ones
  • Easy methods to remember what steps to take in conflict and disagreements
  • How to prepare for a conflict conversation when you can, and how to respond in real-time if you’re caught off guard by one.
  • How to ensure your needs are met without trampling over those of others. I.e. the difference between aggression and assertiveness in tough conversations.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels and all disciplines.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Max Attendees: 60

This workshop is offered In Partnership with 11:11 at work

This workshop is designed and taught by Paloma Medina (performance coach, trainer, and owner of 11:11 Supply). Through 11:11's workshops, as well as their in-store displays in Portland, OR, you'll learn how to utilize everyday essentials to craft a more badass life.