The Psychology of Positive Influence Workshop

This workshop is designed for employees at all levels who are interested in helping create positive change in their work environment or whose role requires them to gain buy-in from others, including clients, direct reports and colleague teams. We’ll cover tactics and foundational psychology to understand:

  • The difference between influence and manipulation
  • The three commandments of positive influence
  • Frameworks that work in a variety of situations regardless of hierarchy
  • Influence techniques that take into account other people’s needs, without compromising one’s own.

Applicable for all levels and disciplines, from junior staff members to senior leadership.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Max Attendees: 60

This workshop is offered In Partnership with 11:11 at work

This workshop is designed and taught by Paloma Medina (performance coach, trainer, and owner of 11:11 Supply). Through 11:11's workshops, as well as their in-store displays in Portland, OR, you'll learn how to utilize everyday essentials to craft a more badass life.

Wherewithall Workshop Feedback Forms

“Lara's workshop was the highlight of my professional year.”

“It is a people management essentials kit.”

“This was great & extremely helpful in making me a better manager.”

“Honestly, this workshop has been incredible. It shined a light on things that have felt intangible to me and gave me a great rubric to follow.”

“Every person I was grouped with took the exercises seriously, was vulnerable and open. It was really cool to see my coworkers in that way and is a testament to how great the workshop was.”

“I really enjoy the pace of the workshop as well as the breakout sessions. The concepts I learned are relatable to my job + can be used immediately!”

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