Paloma Medina

Paloma Medina is a public speaker, trainer, coach, and entrepreneur. Her work focuses on the science and neuropsychology of work and life, specifically how we can build healthier, life-affirming teams and workplaces.

She has worked with tech companies such as Etsy, Digital Ocean, and Squarespace, as well as with nonprofit organizations, homeless healthcare clinics, and individual leaders and CEOs. She was also the founder of 11:11 Supply, a retail store in Portland, Oregon that focused on the intersection of stationery, productivity tools, and psychology.

Her training style has been described as "Funny but superbly nerdy". As a public speaker and trainer she's a good fit for people who don't mind a little cursing with a heavy dose of science.

Paloma holds a Masters in Organizational Coaching from NYU, with a specialization in applied psychology and evidence-based performance improvement. Her professional interests include creative problem solving, learning theory, environmental psychology, social entrepreneurship, and design thinking.

She was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and has made a home on the West Coast since she was 8 years old.