Paloma Medina

Paloma Medina is a performance coach, trainer and owner of 11:11 Supply, a store that specializes in beautiful work tools designed to help you feel more productive, happy and balanced in your everyday life.

Paloma's obsession: The psychology and science of positive changes. Her current work focuses on the research and practice of equity and inclusion in the tech, design and start-up industries. She's been a trainer and coach for small to medium sized companies including Etsy, Digital Ocean, and Squarespace.

Her training style has been described as "Funny but superbly nerdy". As a coach and trainer she's a good fit for people who don't mind a little cursing, a little challenge, and a lot of science.

Paloma holds a Masters in Organizational Coaching from NYU, with a specialization in applied psychology and evidence-based performance improvement. Her professional interests include creative problem solving, learning theory, office hacking, social entrepreneurship, and design thinking.

Paloma hails from the west coast of the USA and from Guadalajara, Mexico. Join her in visual brainstorming through her pinterest boards.