Julie Schechter

Julie Schechter has spent the last decade spanning law and entrepreneurship, leading teams and serving as a coach in multiple professional arenas.

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Julie first practiced at an international law firm before moving to operate as a coach at Axiom, a tech-based disruptive provider of legal services in the US. Before joining Wherewithall, Julie was the Director of Coaching at Greiner Consulting Group, a leading executive consulting practice in New York City that handles the career development of high-powered professionals.

As an entrepreneur, Julie has founded multiple direct-to-consumer businesses and led teams as a founder and CEO. She helping clients grow by reexamining long-held personal assumptions, and enables teams to recognize their individual contributions and collective greatness.

Coaching Testimonials

Julie is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening and sharing her wealth of experience and insights. She is an amazing motivator and helps me refocus my energies, delivering constructive criticism in a way that is easily received. Julie quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights or a new perspective to consider.

Caitlin T., Director of Research

Working with Julie has been a gift. She has a knack for making the daunting feel doable and keeping focus on what matters to my own growth even as everyone else tries to have their priorities cut in line for my attention. If you're feeling stuck, or struggling with your confidence, ability, skill set or direction, she will be your biggest ally.

Sarah B., Entrepreneur