Lindsay Valente

Lindsay Valente is a professional coach and trainer based out of New York City. She has spent the last 10 years leading and building teams in the tech industry.

As a former educator, Lindsay is passionate about developing individuals and teams, recognizing the unique qualities each person brings and the importance of continuous learning as they adapt to change. With a strong management background, Lindsay serves a range of clients from emerging leaders to executives.

Prior to joining Wherewithall, Lindsay was the Director of Member Support at Etsy, expanding the company's customer support and trust and safety organizations from a small team in Brooklyn to over 100 people spread across multiple countries. At Etsy, she formed solid cross functional relationships and learned the commonalities and challenges faced by leaders in other functions, sparking an interest in developing foundational management training and improvement for all.

Over the last year, Lindsay has shifted her efforts to a broader audience offering coaching and training to folks seeking to better themselves and their teams. First by founding her private coaching company in 2018, and more recently through her work as part of the Wherewithall team, Lindsay is able to help others transform.

Coaching Testimonials

When I think about the most pivotal moments in my career over the last five years, I can’t do so without hearing Lindsay’s voice - asking perceptive questions, sharing insights, and challenging me to take thoughtful risks. Her coaching has pushed me to seek out positions that align with my skills and energize me, which has created a balance in my life I didn’t know was possible before meeting her.

Caitlyn McNerney, Director

Lindsay expertly navigates the tricky line between offering support and holding someone accountable, and I think this quality alone makes her a phenomenal coach. Tack on her natural instincts to ask thoughtful questions and uncover tangled motivations, thoughts, fears, and more, and you’ve got a partner who enables you to suss out blockers and move forward in the face of any challenge.

Andrea Frampton, Product Support Manager

Manager Roundtable Testimonials

"Lindsay is very empathetic and good at identifying the emotional place that the manager is coming from, and what's good about what they've already tried to do when solving the problem."

"Having Lindsay facilitate was a great addition to the roundtables. She has a very calm demeanor and asks very pointed, direct questions."

"Lindsay did a good job keeping everyone on topic and encouraging reluctant folks to action."

"Lindsay was extremely helpful, and a great facilitator. It was a pleasure to have her run the sessions with us."