Product & Organization Talks & Workshops

As a seasoned public speaker and product expert, Deepa Subramaniam can inspire, teach and level-up product teams through focused talks and workshops.

Product Talks

Making Data-driven Product Decisions

Data-driven product design is a necessity in this world. But how do you do it in an informed way and balance it with qualitative research? Deepa will share real-world, detailed approaches to making informed, data-driven product design decisions from her time at Adobe, charity: water, Hillary for America and Kickstarter.

Length: 1 Hour (+time for Q&A)

Building Innovative Digital Products

Join Deepa as she shares lessons learned building innovative digital products on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The Hillary for America Tech team released 50+ products in 579 days, which roughly translates to a new product or service going to production every 11 days. She will share valuable insights around team-building, collaboration and innovation-under-pressure that allowed for this kind of exponential velocity. Regardless of your political beliefs, Deepa will share product best practices usable in any startup environment.

Length: 1 Hour (+time for Q&A)

Leveling up collaboration between Product Managers & Product Designers

Great collaboration between a product manager and a product designer can result in magic, and is key for sustainable product innovation and execution. Join Deepa as she shares tips and tricks for fostering great partnership between Product Managers and Product Designers on a wide-range of product teams, including how to collaborate and execute together on customer research and data-driven design testing.

Length: 1 Hour (+time for Q&A)

Revitalizing a Cross-Functional Product Organization

The product and engineering teams at every company size have the same goals: positive team health, high-velocity shipping, and strategic execution. Yet we often get in our own way—from ill-defined roles and responsibilities to toxic communication patterns, to well-meaning but under-equipped managers.

Lara Hogan and Deepa Subramaniam will candidly share the approaches they took to revitalizing a cross-functional product organization in 9 months. As two VP’s who faced these specific challenges and more, Lara and Deepa will cover evidence-based tactics to ensure communication flows better, inter and intra-team dynamics improve and your organization ships more (and better!) software.

Length: 1 Hour (+time for Q&A)

Bootcamps & Roundtables

Product Management Bootcamp

Whether your aiming to level-up a new PM team or solidify best practices, this multi-part course covers the ins & outs of product management fundamentals. Through pre-bootcamp calls and conversations with your teams, the content is curated to the specifics of your organization, its needs and pain points.

  • Research Fundamentals: Framing the problem you’re aiming to solve requires knowing what to ask and how to validate your assumptions. We will review user research fundamentals including what level of research is needed for which types of problems, common user research tools to use, and tactics to follow to disseminate your findings to your teams in the most digestible manner.
  • Product Management Fundamentals: We will cover what it means to be a product manager, qualities of good and poor-performing product managers, and define the individual and shared responsibilities of product managers in your organization.
  • Product Development Workflow: From research/discovery all the way to shipping and iterating on shipped projects, we will cover the documents, meetings and milestones necessary to guide aligned and transparent product development.
  • Stakeholder Management and Communication: We will share the best practices around communicating and managing stakeholders to ensure alignment and high-impact product work, including how to create and maintain the necessary communication “sightlines” to ensure all levels of the organization have the information they need.
  • Strategic Decisions & Roadmap Management: A deeper session on how product strategy is set, how impact is evaluated, how roadmaps are synthesized and what all of this means for an individual Product Manager owning one sliver of a broader product portfolio.

Product Manager & Product Designer Roundtables

Facilitated roundtables between groups of Product Mangagers and Product Designers are valuable improve collaboration and coordination between the two roles at critical phases of product development.

  • Roundtable 1 - Defining the PM and Designer Relationship: Clarity in roles is a necessary component to impactful collaboration in product development. We will discuss what are the individual and shared responsibilities of a Product Manager and Product Designer with respect to developing strategy, creating roadmaps, and designing products with clear business and customer value. We will delve deep into the product development lifecycle and specifically talk about how PM’s and Designers should work together in the Discovery, Research, and Design phases early on in feature development.
  • Roundtable 2 - Partnering on Research: Framing the problem you’re aiming to solve requires knowing what to ask and how to validate your assumptions. Similarly, designing the right solution requires knowing what to ask in order to find the best “problem/solution fit”. We will review research fundamentals from the lens of how PM’s and Designers should collaborate on research activities, including who takes the lead during different product lifecycle phases, and how to continually share insights in order to strengthen understanding of the customer and the business.
  • Roundtable 3 - Tying It All Together: From strategic decisions to executing on a complex roadmap, strong and sustained partnership between PM’s and Designers is integral. We will walk through examples of common friction that can crop up during the product development lifecycle and share ways to mitigate when this (inevitably!) happens.

Bootcamp & Roundtable Feedback

"Deepa's workshops provide a structured way of thinking about product management skills and help provide tactics I am able to apply immediately after the session."

"The worksheets were super relevant for me to get clarity with my team leads."

"Before, I used to intuit product skills but now I have a concrete way to check that I am following all the best practices to build great product."

"This has been very helpful to learn concepts within the bigger framework of real-world product management."

"The session materials, recap quiz, and homework makes the sessions comprehensive and sticky."

"I love the case studies! They help me translate what I need to do with my own feature team."

"These sessions are very impressive given the size of the class and the fact that it is being done remotely."

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