Custom Offsite Design & Facilitation

The Wherewithall team is eager to facilitate your organization’s offsite so that you can focus on leading. Bring us in to develop exercises, facilitate group discussions, and offer an objective point of view.

We specialize in moderating folks who dominate conversations, and creating space for quieter folks to participate equally.

Whether you’re hoping to create a stronger team identity, make some big decisions, or train your whole team on crucial leadership skills, we are here to help.

Duration: customized to your team's needs


We brought in Wherewithall to guide leaders across our product, design, and engineering teams as they worked to more clearly define their roles and responsibilities. In just a few short hours, the team transformed a fuzzy set of practices into a framework that plainly articulated the goals of each role on the team. The workshop defused a lot of anxiety and unlocked a new level of collaboration that is sure to serve us well in the months ahead.

Mandy Brown, Head of Chorus, Vox Media