One-on-One Manager Coaching

You may be new to management, a seasoned leader facing unique challenges, or looking down the road as you level up in your career. We are here to support anyone, at any stage of their career journey.

Meeting with a Wherewithall coach is like having a one-on-one with a manager who cares deeply about, and is invested in, you and your own growth. We're here to give you feedback, a gut-check, and most importantly, to help you to deeply introspect and find the answers that already live inside of you.


Working with Julie is one of the best career moves I've ever made; she's incredibly insightful, unfailingly thoughtful, and utterly brilliant. Julie pushes me to think about the challenges I'm experiencing in novel ways, and get to solutions that are both effective and authentic to me as a leader.

Lindsay Konsko, Head of Member Services at Scott's Cheap Flights

How it works

What happens in a session?

Wherewithall's coaching practice leverages four primary skills in a blended approach. Your coach will provide:

  • Coaching: using open questions to help you deeply introspect and understand the shape of your challenge, before moving into problem-solving mode
  • Mentoring: giving advice, sharing our perspective and what we've seen work/not work
  • Sponsoring: advocating, making introductions for new leadership opportunities
  • Feedback: routinely sharing clear, specific, and actionable feedback to help you continue to grow

Our clients find themselves at all different levels and have varying experiences. They come from a multitude of disciplines. But they’re all absolutely amazing people, at incredible companies, who could use a sounding board, and a supportive place just for them.

We'll chat over the phone or video, and we'll design a schedule together based on what you need. Coaching can be a one-off call to help you work through a problem, check-ins over a year as you grow, and anything in between.

Coaches at Wherewithall leverage their experience (and enjoyment!) coaching and supporting managers at various levels, stages of team growth, and challenges to help your leaders excel.

Coaching Retainers

Providing your line managers, team leads and directors with one-on-one coaching is an investment into your team. Wherewithall coaches support and supplement the time and energy you’re putting in to grow your management layers. Training, sponsoring, and growing your leaders and managers takes a village, and we’re eager to be in yours.

When you retain Wherewithall to coach your leaders and managers, it does three things:

  • Line managers and emerging leaders feel supported for the tough stuff when they need it most, regardless of your bandwidth.
  • Senior leaders feel less headaches and stress because they have a trusted, always-available lever they can pull for extra support.
  • Your senior manager pipeline is strengthened. Spot coaching can be a key strategy towards increasing the speed and efficiency of filling future open senior-level spots, because we will be coaching line managers and emerging leaders towards more senior skill sets.

We offer retainers for organizations interested in supporting their managers and leaders with routine one-on-one sessions. We customize the coaching session cadence based on your teammates' needs, and your organization's budget.

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When I think about the most pivotal moments in my career over the last five years, I can’t do so without hearing Lindsay’s voice - asking perceptive questions, sharing insights, and challenging me to take thoughtful risks. Her coaching has pushed me to seek out positions that align with my skills and energize me, which has created a balance in my life I didn't know was possible before meeting her.

Caitlyn McNerney, Director

Meet Our Coaches

Lara Hogan, founder of Wherewithall, found herself at capacity with coaching clients in early 2019. She has since grown the Wherewithall coaching team, so we can continue to support even more tech industry leaders!

Wherewithall’s coaches have varied backgrounds, and have worked in different industries. Lara firmly believes that those looking to hire a coach should find someone who specializes in supporting people as they navigate different kinds of career transitions, challenges, and areas of growth—rather than looking for a coach who has a similar background. You can read more about Lara’s reasoning, and what to look for in a coach, here!

Photo of Julie Schechter

Julie Schechter

Julie's coaching style has been described as incisive and empowering. She specializes in supporting folks who are navigating challenging environments, as well as those thinking about their career trajectory and next steps.

In addition to her coaching background, Julie has been a founder, a CEO, and most recently was the Director of Coaching at a leading executive consulting practice in NYC.

Learn more about Julie
Photo of Lindsay Valente

Lindsay Valente

Lindsay has spent the last 10 years leading and building teams in the tech industry. As a former educator, she is passionate about developing individuals and teams, recognizing the unique qualities each person brings and the importance of continuous learning as they adapt to change.

With a strong management background, Lindsay serves a range of clients from emerging leaders to executives.

Learn more about Lindsay


Julie is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening and sharing her wealth of experience and insights. She is an amazing motivator and helps me refocus my energies, delivering constructive criticism in a way that is easily received. Julie quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights or a new perspective to consider.

Caitlin T., Director of Research

I started working with Lara during a challenging role transition where I felt like I was drowning on an almost daily basis. Lara didn’t just help me stay afloat - she kept me focused on strategic priorities, helped me work through difficult decisions, and ultimately supported me in harnessing the opportunity to rapidly grow in my leadership capabilities. I’d recommend Lara to any engineering leader looking for extra support outside their organization.

Steve Lloyd, VP of Engineering at Strava