One-on-One Manager Coaching

You may be new to management, a seasoned leader facing unique challenges, or looking down the road as you level up in your career. We are here to support anyone, at any stage of their career journey.

Meeting with a Wherewithall coach is like having a one-on-one with a manager who cares deeply about, and is invested in, you and your own growth. We're here to give you feedback, a gut-check, and most importantly, to help you to deeply introspect and find the answers that already live inside of you.


I started working with Lara during a challenging role transition where I felt like I was drowning on an almost daily basis. Lara didn't just help me stay afloat - she kept me focused on strategic priorities, helped me work through difficult decisions, and ultimately supported me in harnessing the opportunity to rapidly grow in my leadership capabilities.

Steve Lloyd, VP of Engineering at Strava

How it works

What happens in a session?

Wherewithall's coaching practice leverages four primary skills in a blended approach. Your coach will provide:

  • Coaching: using open questions to help you deeply introspect and understand the shape of your challenge, before moving into problem-solving mode
  • Mentoring: giving advice, sharing our perspective and what we've seen work/not work, if we have familiarity with the topic
  • Sponsoring: advocating, making introductions for new leadership opportunities when we have potentially helpful connections
  • Feedback: routinely sharing clear, specific, and actionable feedback to help you continue to grow

Our clients find themselves at all different levels and have varying experiences. They come from a multitude of disciplines. But they’re all absolutely amazing people, at incredible companies, who could use a sounding board, and a supportive place just for them.

We'll chat over the phone or video, and we'll design a schedule together based on what you need. Coaching can be a one-off call to help you work through a problem, check-ins over a year as you grow, and anything in between.

Coaches at Wherewithall leverage their experience (and enjoyment!) coaching and supporting managers at various levels, stages of team growth, and challenges to help your leaders excel.

Note: We are currently at capacity with coaching clients.
If you’d like some referrals to coaches we love, please reach out!


Working with Lara is the best thing I’ve done for my career. She challenges me, encourages me, and gives me new tools for approaching my work. I leave our conversations with renewed energy, clarity, and focus, and have become a much stronger manager and leader through our work together.

Marie Connelly, Director of Community at Vox