Wherewithall is the fresh perspective you need, the support you can only give so much of, the skills that are too important for your teams to learn as they go.

We’re eager to help train your managers, grow your leaders, and strengthen your teams. Led by Lara Hogan, Wherewithall provides the following services in support of this mission.

Manager Skills Training

Management Skill Workshops
Each management skill-focused workshop consists of a mix of prepared presentation, group exercises, and worksheets. Attendees will leave with a ton of resources and practice using their new skill. Ideal for: Small or large groups, ~ 2 hours in length
Full-Day Manager Training
This full-day workshop covers all of the essential management skills, like giving feedback, growing your teammates, and setting expectations for your team. Ideal for: Groups of 40, 7 hours in length including lunch
Talks and Presentations
1-hour presentations for your company about strengthening the health of your team and organization. Perfect for lunch-and-learns!

One-on-One Support

Individual Coaching Sessions
During each video call, we'll be talking about a topic you've chosen—maybe a current challenge, or your career goals, or a leadership question that you've been itching to ask someone who doesn't work at the same company! We are here to help you grow and develop your management and leadership skills.
Coaching Retainers
Coaching can be a key strategy towards increasing the speed and efficiency of filling future open senior-level spots, because we will be coaching line managers and emerging leaders across your organization towards more senior skill sets. We customize cadence based on your teammates’ needs and your organization’s budget.

Roundtables & Offsites

Manager Roundtables
Roundtables are a safe space for a group of managers to meet and talk through recent dilemmas, workshop challenges they’re facing, and continuously strengthen their management skills.
Cross-Functional Roles Offsite
In this offsite exercise, representatives from each role (for example: product managers, engineering managers, and tech leads) create a new framework for how their roles will work together across the organization.
Custom Offsite Design & Facilitation
The Wherewithall team is eager to facilitate your organization's offsite so that you can focus on leading. Bring us in to develop exercises, facilitate group discussions, and offer an objective point of view.


This workshop goes far beyond educating managers on approach; they shift the way managers think about themselves, their work and about the impact they can have on their team. Bringing Wherewithall in is hands-down the best thing my company has ever done for my capabilities and career and, in turn, the best thing that could have happened for my reports.

Meg Adams, Engineering Manager at Condé Nast

Lara has been absolutely fantastic in helping grow our engineering leadership. She has done everything from facilitating roundtables, doing talks and running workshops. And every time she has done a great job customizing the work to fit our organization. Without exception, all of these efforts have been very successful.

Allan Beaufour, SVP, Engineering

I started working with Lara during a challenging role transition where I felt like I was drowning on an almost daily basis. Lara didn’t just help me stay afloat - she kept me focused on strategic priorities, helped me work through difficult decisions, and ultimately supported me in harnessing the opportunity to rapidly grow in my leadership capabilities. I’d recommend Lara to any engineering leader looking for extra support outside their organization.

Steve Lloyd, VP of Engineering at Strava

When I think about the most pivotal moments in my career over the last five years, I can’t do so without hearing Lindsay’s voice - asking perceptive questions, sharing insights, and challenging me to take thoughtful risks. Her coaching has pushed me to seek out positions that align with my skills and energize me, which has created a balance in my life I didn’t know was possible before meeting her.

Caitlyn McNerney, Director